12 May 2011

Patterns WITHIN and WITHOUT?

We all have patterns in our lifes that rule our acting, our being our life. Some stay forever, some come back and some of them we can change - but first we need to be aware of them. Like the geometrical symbols found in a suburbian tunnel seemed to have been there forever, without me even noticing them. And the pink-orange pattern on the "oldsubway" walls just came back to catch my eye.


My take on traditions has been trough out my life to break them. I tend to always salute and honour everything that want to change them. Like I am some sort of anti-authority anarchist. I just hate being told what to do, at least by some outer force - like society. Pros and cons with that I guess. However I do create traditions on my own with my family and friends. The easteregg painting being one of them, this is how the eggs of 2011 turned out.

05 May 2011

Beautiful Berlin and other STUFF like Im back!

Haven't written anything for ages, dunno why really, I guess I've been caught up in STUFF. The word of the day. STUFF. Says it all. I was stuffed.

Anyhow, I felt a sudden urge to get back to basic. To share delights again. To write.

I forgot myself and what was important I got lost in unhealthy loveaffairs and post-election depression.

dont know really where to start, so I just start here.