13 June 2011

Waiting time

Ten minutes later its still not ready and all "raw" in the middle. Ive now given it 15 more minutes in the oven but I still cant smell it. This kind of worries me, How can it possibly taste when it doesnt smell? Probably not much. All I can do is to give it a try.

The flavours of the cake are very timid and mild. At first hand, not even noticable. The cake is a big dissapointment. During the second bite I start to taste something. A microtouch of sweetness. And with that came more. However it required a deep amount of concentration to taste its full body of flavours, or lack of them, some sweetness here, a slight hint of fig. Figtouched topnotes meets earthlike bottoms. The syrup has made the corners and the back of the cake quite fudgy, almost like butterscotch. This is the main reason why the cake is edible. Actually its quite nice, in a shy kind of way.

Limited Cake

Its late, I want to eat. I woke up around 1 pm, so it feels like its maximum 11ish. Meaning, feels like having supper. A limited supply of ingredients at hand. I make bacon with eggs. Milk with chocolate. The very last drops of milk. Its not enough, apparently I want more. I type "cake with eggs without milk" in the top right g:window. Reminiscing the delicious chocolatecake ma amie P made for her hyperallergic son. I dont have pure cacao though. Only this fairtrade ready-to-mix-with-milk thing.

The top searchresult with recipes is a forum for allergic people. Chocolatecake . The ingredients of it matches my very scanty supply. I switch wheatflour for rye one and due to the absense of pure cacao I add golden syrup, some lingonberry jam and also some crunchy müsli to it.

The cake is in the oven right now. The recipe said up to 1 h of cooking, but since I took only half of everything Im guessing maybe also half that time. Thats in ten minutes.