13 June 2011

Limited Cake

Its late, I want to eat. I woke up around 1 pm, so it feels like its maximum 11ish. Meaning, feels like having supper. A limited supply of ingredients at hand. I make bacon with eggs. Milk with chocolate. The very last drops of milk. Its not enough, apparently I want more. I type "cake with eggs without milk" in the top right g:window. Reminiscing the delicious chocolatecake ma amie P made for her hyperallergic son. I dont have pure cacao though. Only this fairtrade ready-to-mix-with-milk thing.

The top searchresult with recipes is a forum for allergic people. Chocolatecake . The ingredients of it matches my very scanty supply. I switch wheatflour for rye one and due to the absense of pure cacao I add golden syrup, some lingonberry jam and also some crunchy müsli to it.

The cake is in the oven right now. The recipe said up to 1 h of cooking, but since I took only half of everything Im guessing maybe also half that time. Thats in ten minutes.

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