28 November 2009

Japanese Nail Art - More is more?

Technically advanced nailart has been extremely popular in Japan since the mid nineties. More or less all women do something with their nails, some a bit to the extreme. Fake nails for 3 year olds are sold at department stores and every year a nailart festival is held in Osaka. The popularity is now spreading and Japanese nailart-salons is opening all over the US. So when is it coming here? Or does it clash too much with the Swedish less is more motto?

My question is What do all these girls wearing those nail DO all day? When I had mine very short UV-gel nails i could barely use my cellphone.

The always creative Japanese technology industry have however come up with many ideas solving problems like this. They have for instance developed a can opener especially made for people with extensions as well as there are golf gloves that have space for the nail extensions to come out in the front.

Photos via japanvisitor.blogspot.com, friendfeed.com,defyingmainstream.com/.

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