04 December 2009

Pepparkakor Part 2 - The baking of the cakes

The dough so as the bowl were still intact the next day. These things, like letting the dough rest over night is just the things that gets me going when it comes to baking. The more complicated the recipe is the more pepped up I get. Well the pepparkakor recipe is not complicated at all, its just the rest over night part people are too lazy for. Therefor premaid pepparkaks-dough is sold everywhere.

I couldnt resist to eat a bit of the raw dough as always. This one as well as raw sponge cake are truely my favourites. As a child, me and my friends often made sponge cake without baking it, just to eat the mixture. Without baking soda offcourse.

The dough was delicious and Im happy I added the bitter orange. Use a rolling pin to bake them out, as thin as you like. Add more flour to it, so it wont stick to the table. Bake them in 200 c for 3-5 minutes. Decorate as you like. This is how we did it.

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