05 January 2010

MAH-JONG. When Sweden was cool

Once upon a time three young women, Helena Henschen, Veronica Nygren and Stina Torsson started a fashioncompany. The year was 1966 and quickly people realised they created more than just clothes. The women were equally interested in politics as they were talented designers.

Mah-Jong made woven fabrics in vivid colours with graphic swirling patterns. There motto was that the garments should last longer than just over the season. They were against the fashion-industry's over consumption attitude, instead they wanted to create new collections every year that could be mixed and matched with the old lines. They criticized and pointed out the link between the fashion industry and the poverty of the third world. They constantly reacted against injustice around the world, making people aware of the problems. For instance they protested against the US bombings of Vietnam by switching their own ads in the subway replacing them with pictures of the war.

Long live the revolution!

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